27 hours and 5 cities later, I’ve arrived

Los Angeles – Detroit – Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro – Dar es Salaam

I am at the slowest internet cafe in the world – and I have spent nearly half an hour trying to load pages and deal with computer crashes, so I have only a few more minutes, as they’re closing!

I’m in Dar es Salaam.

The flight(s) were fine, just very long. I arrived at 10 and got through the airport and out by 11 and to the hotel by midnight. Everyone here speaks a few words of English – hello, how are you, goodbye – and it’s deceptive.

I’m in an apartment complex building. Today a man came and we went to buy a SIM card for my phone and he took me around the city a bit. It’s a very different place, but wonderful.

I’ve met a group of 15 who have been here with the Global Crossroad program a week but are leaving tomorrow morning. I’m rather fuzzy on details, but I don’t think any more are coming so I’ll be going through the Language/Culture alone – probably.

I wish I had more time, but I’ll come back later!

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