Back home

Mahale was the most incredible place I’ve ever been, and one of the most incredible that I can ever imagine going.

I’m home – and have been home over 48 hours now – and adjusting to being back here. I refuse to admit that I am jetlagged, or to give into it.

It was hard to leave. I really wish that I could have stayed in Tanzania longer – more time at Mahale, or even more in Dar, and I’d felt the same way leaving Kikatiti. Each place that I was at felt like home to me. I’m planning on going back (for longer!) one day.

It was a long trip home – a 10 hr bus ride, 10 hr flight, 7 hr layover, and 13 hr flight – made much more fun by the extra security. (Thankfully my connection was Amsterdam and not London.) I had more culture shock in the Amsterdam airport than I’d experienced in Africa; between the museum with Rembrandt paintings (yes, in the airport itself – it was great) and the obscenely expensive stores selling cosmetics, perfumes, liquors, chocolates, electronic gadgets, watches, jewelry, and fountain pens it was a jump back to materialistic culture.

I’ve tons more stories to tell, but I am hoping to get pictures and videos sorted out and uploaded to post all together! Some images are already viewable in my Flickr account.



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