The frustrations have moved past petty.

I’ve spent the last two days – and it looks like I’ll be spending the next several – dealing with all the beauracratic red tape that follows being mugged and losing your passport, credit card, camera, all of your cash (I was left with less than $3), and (subsequent to the actual robbery, due to extreme fatigue and stress and not watching my belongings) my cell phone.

It looks like I’m going to be stuck in Chiang Mai for a bit.

I’m fine. I’ve begun the process to get a new passport, my parents have wired me some money, and I got meals and taxi fare off of friends and ridiculously kind strangers. All that’s really hurt is my pride (I was an absolute idiot to be carrying on me all of the things that I was), my bank account (between cash and traveler’s checks, I probably lost nearly $700), and my spirit (I’m so tired of being alone that I’m ready to just fly home as soon as I get a passport) – all of which will recover. Eventually. Hopefully.

(It probably makes a good story. I’ll tell it later.)

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