Sorry it’s been a while (since I’ve written home)

I’ve been sick.That “cold” didn’t shake itself and I’d been running low-grade fevers on and off for the last few weeks, utterly sapping my energy. And, thanks to a bad case of dysentery, I lost ten pounds week-before-last.

When I last said I was going to You Sabai, I actually ended up in Pai (missed the You Sabai songtaew three days in a row, met another traveler on their way to Pai and decided to go along for the company – I’d been meaning to go back, anyway – because I thought I was feeling better). Where I got sick, again, worse. When I realized what I had was worse than food poisoning and that hiding out in my guesthouse trying to wait it out wasn’t a viable strategy, I got a bus back to Chiang Mai and saw a doctor who told me that I had a fever, raised blood pressure, a bacterial infection, and gave me handfuls of pills to take.

I’m (mostly) better now. I got a nice room (air conditioning! private bathroom! luxury!) and rested for a few days before going back to You Sabai, where I did more resting – laying around reading and drinking fruit shakes. The only thing I’ve done worth mentioning was try to help out with the seed-saving project at Pun Pun; I trampled through the fields picking tomatoes and getting sunburnt.

I would say that I’m about to leave for Laos – except for this thing going on with my teeth. I think my wisdom teeth are coming in. My gums are really sore near my back molars on my lower jaw and there are suspicious flaps of gum above the teeth. People who have started into my mouth tell me that it does, in fact, look like teeth are coming up. Plus. It hurts. A lot.

I’ve got an appointment for an x-ray at a dental clinic (via a recommendation from You Sabai) in a couple of hours and once I know for sure, I’ll start sorting out what to do. If I have to get them pulled, I’m going to need to get another visa extension first (mine expires Tuesday – today is Friday) and, while recovering, lose even more time that I ought to be spending traveling. I’m not thrilled about the idea of dental surgery but I’m even less enthusiastic about the prospect of leaving a country where quality dental care is available only to end up in more pain in Laos, Cambodia, or Indonesia.

I’m so tired of being sick.

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