I’m in Laos!

So, it turns out that my wisdom teeth weren’t quite as much of a priority as I’d been lead to believe – and that one of them was so close to the nerve in my jaw as to make both the dental surgeon and my parents uncomfortable with the risk involved – and I won’t be having them done in Thailand. (I’ll just be running the risk of infection, flying home if it becomes worse, and pressing on until then.)

After finding that out, spending a bit of time being frustrated by yet another change in my plans, shipping home all the batik supplies that I’d bought to keep myself busy, and doing some frantic research regarding plane flights within Asia bus timetables and schedules and staring at maps, I threw them all aside and hopped on a bus to Laos. (Well. I should probably admit that I missed the first bus and hopped on a bus the day after but – still. I’m here now.)

Now, I’m trying to sort out if I want to go north or south from here, and if it’s possible to Western Union money to myself (as there’s no atms in the north and I’m not sure how long I’d be there, etc) – once I solve the latter I’ll have more time to be online – not that much really happened, recently; I just relaxed in Chiang Mai and You Sabai.


Huay Xai

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