I’ve uploaded several photo sets to Flickr. Abusively and un-repentantly Photoshopped to salvage them from overexposure and/or blurriness and to renew the saturation that I remembered seeing (feeling, even – Nepal was was this incredibly vibrant tangle of sensory perceptions; you saw the odors and felt the color). Dhading Besi (Didi’s hometown that I went to visit her family). Gurje (the mountain village/area that Umbrella will be building their complex at – they’re going to build a home for all of the kids to move them out of Kathmandu along with a large school for the entire community and a medical center). Dhading Besi, second visit (I returned to take pictures back to Didi’s family and see them again). And Dola (a small town/village entirely filled with Didi’s extended relatives, that I was dragged out to – it was a multiple hour walk in the mountains and I spent most of it whining – by a couple of nephews. It was amazing.)

I’ll manage to get more stories up later, I hope. I’m not done yet.

I’ve been home for nearly a month now, unbelievably, and am still struggling with culture shock. And paperwork. (Lots and lots of paperwork. Mountains of it. And I’ve never been any good at paperwork.) I’ve almost caught up with the news (and it’s depressing). I went to New Orleans with my family (the American road-trip – we drove all the way from Southern California) a week after I returned home and it makes the reports about Gustav all that much more poignant. I’m about to leave again, for Bristol, in only a few weeks and I should be simplifying my life and packing up, but instead I’ve managed to find almost all of my belongings, from books (I had books!) to my violin, under the house and in the garage and everywhere else – and have allowed them to wage a war of sidetracking. (Belongings? Possessions? Things? It’s a hard concept to grasp after living out of a small backpack for months on end and leaving behind a trail of anything that didn’t fit.)

I’m also – most importantly – working on trying to organize some fund-raising events for Umbrella. I’ve got one taking place in Long Beach, this weekend, and I’m trying (though it’s not looking good) to pull one off here in the Conejo, as well.

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