Bones, bones, bones – in the Catacombs!

I know, I said I didn’t take any pictures in Paris this time.

What I meant was, I didn’t take any pictures except for the Catacombes.

I totally got pictures of the Catacombes.

(At least, as many as I could, while being forcibly hurried along by the impatient guard behind me – “Mademoiselle! C’est ferme!” – me who didn’t seem to realize that the place was absolutely fascinating and that the variety of injuries on display would put a textbook to shame and that this was the first time I had seen so many bones all at once. Or maybe he did realize and just didn’t care.)

How did I manage to go to Paris three times before this, and never go down into the Catacombes? (How?!)

Catacombes de Paris

Catacombes de Paris 02

Catacombes de Paris, 03

Catacombes de Paris, 04

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