And shouldn’t a fairy tale end with a Ball?

May Ball (at Clare Hall, Cambridge)

There was a snake charmer. And a silent disco. And “Surviror’s photos” of those of us who managed to be still standing at 4am.*

And – not pictured – a belly dancer, bollywood dancers, traditional Indian dancers, a play, shisha, gambling tables, masseuses, mehndi artists, an acapella group, a jazz quartet, and two djs. And a crepe stall at two in the morning because, after all, it’s not a party until there’s pancakes.

By the way. The silent disco? Most fun I never expected to have. Seriously. You walk into a room of people dancing in silence and it looks like a surreal ipod advertisement. Except they’re all singing along. And you realize they all have different songs. And you think you can’t do it. Until you do, and you realize that haing no one know what song you’re dancing to makes it all so much better. (Except that everyone is singing along.)

*I was standing. Technically. I did manage to trip and cut my knee and it did bleed somewhat profusely and I received an embarasing amount of first aid attention. (For the record – I’m blaming the heels, the rain, the courtyard paved with sharp rocks, and my inherent clumsiness before the champagne. Although I’m sure it wasn’t blameless.)

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