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An attic full of bones…

I’ve been playing with bones!

I’ve collecting data for my thesis project, that is. Measuring bones. Doing fieldwork. Very official. Very much hard work.

… and spent all of last week in the coolest skeleton-filled attic ever. There were “my” chimps, of course, plus others that I won’t even pretend to be able to identify (especially not things with horns).

I had a little workspace, counter top and stool, and went through the boxes of chimps as fast as I could. There were gorillas behind me, monkeys above me, and specimens everywhere you looked – including on the stairs and the floor. (By the third day I was talking to them. By the last day, I’d given up on earphones and was playing music and singing and talking to them.) Between the heat, the smell of fumigation chemicals in nearby rooms, and the smell of the room itself, I could barely get down enough instant coffee to keep myself awake. But it was amazing – absolutely amazing.


Powell Cotton

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