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In other news… yes, I am still in California – but I have plane tickets to Indonesia – I’m leaving in just under two weeks! Things have been… very… family. Holidays involved eleven people sleeping at our house on Christmas Eve. What else?
  • A crazy part-time money-earning-thing: I have been ghostwriting a screenplay, which makes for a great-can-only-be-told-in-person story – ie, the ghost part of the ghost writing – but suffice it to say, it has been a most amusing and educational experience – not to mention also, I think, by representing my official involvement with the film industry, unequivocally makes me a Los Angelino.
  • Crashing a car: I was responsible for the unfortunate introduction of a cement pole and a car in a parking structure – other than ripping off a side mirror, there was minimal damage – but it’s still, you know, a damaged car – and it wasn’t mine to begin with, either – and I think I am, from this point on, retiring myself from urban driving.
  • And, as of last week, preparing to leave for Borneo… for sometime between an entire year or maybe I’ll be coming back in March…

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