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Looking Back at 2013 – A Year in Review

For nearly a year now, I’ve been honored to be a part of the work of Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) saving orangutans and the forests of Borneo. This month, I was honored to help contribute to a story for OFI’s newsletter, sharing some of the incredible work that OFI is doing!

Looking Back at 2013 – A Year in Review

What we’ve achieved & what we hope to do next

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With the help of our generous members and donors, we were able to purchase several hundred hectares of land in 2013 that would have been cleared by local people and sold for palm oil cultivation. Completion of the 6,400-acre Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest and began the Orangutan Legacy Forest Campaign.

OFI is happy to announce that we have released 32 orangutans in the past two years, most in 2013. It’s been wonderful to watch them return to the wild and we are very proud of them all!
In 2013, 13 new orangutans came to the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine, in Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia to bring the total residing at the Care Center to 330 orangutans, all needing care and attention. We are always trying to come up with better ways to provide enrichment for the orangutans… We want to give each orangutan as much space as possible and, as you can imagine, orangutans have a way of taking things apart and breaking them – sometimes its all we can do to keep up with them! We built 24 new enclosures in the last year alone!
Early last year, the Indonesian government granted a palm oil concession in the buffer zone of the National Park and shifted the park borders so that a second palm oil concession could enter an area that was originally in the Park. OFI has been fighting this development and Greenpeace Indonesia joined in the fight – with some success! Clearing of land by massive excavating machines has stopped and the local government ordered a portion of the land returned to the park!

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