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Stokes Croft Riot: As we tweeted it…

We tried - the few of us that remained seated - to restore some peace... (Photograph taken by Nicole Llyod. Borrowed because I'm in it.)

Assembling these for an essay (twitter hashtag as piece of material culture, mediating personal experience, archiving the ephemeral) and thought they might be worth sharing. Tweets of a friend and myself during the second Stokes Croft Riot. There were many others tweeting, as well, although the main use of #StokesCroft has been post-riot, as we've been sharing updates, news,  follow-up discussion and analysis

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Rioting in Stokes Croft, Bristol

The people are rioting in the streets. And it's not about the Royal Wedding.*

Yes, I did say "riot", its not hyperbolic, and it's in my backyard. (Technically, my front street.)

I got home at 5am this morning. After having sat in the middle of a street full of broken glass, surrounded by police dogs, riot vans, and mounted horseback police.

I watched the police charge a crowd, watched a man go down under a horse. I watched the police march in, watched the neighbourhood transform into a post-apocalyptic re-imagining of the Haight Ashbury.

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“No get-up stand-up for your rights, here in Zanzibar,”

“No get-up stand-up for your rights, here in Zanzibar,” said a tall dreadlocked man who invited himself to join us three days running at a habor-side restaurant that seemed to be the closest thing to a Reggae bar in Stonetown, and one of the few places that locals and tourists interacted outside of the salesman/customer, hunter/prey relatonship. We never learned the name of the restaurant; the man was called Rashid and wandered through the days seeminly stoned and the nights slightly drunk.

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Being the Bad American at The Bohemian’s Café

“I figure it out,” he told me. “Your next president is Britney Spears.”

He’d asked me, the day before, whether I thought Hilary or Obama would win. After explaining that they were both on the same side and that, in my opinion, neither could win a national election due to the American culture of repressed racism and sexism (not to mention the Electoral College), I’d refused to hazard a guess as to the next American president.

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Translation, America

Pregnant Pilgrims
beware of Big Brother
who watches
the videos, voyeuristically.
A curled
preliminary to prolong the punishment as
antiterrorists are accosted to account
the deprived depraved dead
delayed deadlines.

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