What are these?

Cheat Sheets. Study Guides. Flashcards.

Call them what you will, they were made by myself, for myself as a reference resource and, in the process of making them, a refresher. Feel free to use and share!

Email a request for editable versions if you’d like to modify them for your own purposes.

NOTE: These were made in 2011 and do not reflect more recent discoveries. Updated versions will be posted soon, but if you see errors, I'd love to know!

Cheat Sheets include:
  • Quick facts (time-span, region, number of specimens, holotype, discovered by, environment, diet, speculation),
  • Diagnostic Features,
  • Key Specimens,
  • Major Sites,
  • & Bibliography (significant publications).

From sources as cited in each bibliography, plus Hominen.net, TalkOrigins.org, Google Maps, and Johanson’s From Lucy to Language.

Hominid species

Homo specimens