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Nepal as case study: demography & development

Since the 60s, there has been a massive international humanitarian presence in Nepal – providing programs for everything from nutrition, medical and health care, to women’s vocational training and education. Most of the NGOs focus on children’s welfare. They show… Continue Reading →

Effects of Poverty & Conflict on the Children of Nepal

Effects of Poverty & Conflict on the Children of Nepal: Multigenerational & Endemic by Noelle Tankard on Scribd

The OTHER abortion debate: the case of the Missing Girls

Sex-Selective Abortion. Women aborting female foetuses and carrying males to full term – doing what it takes to make sure they have a son… All of my mental “political” settings – and a large number of social ones – are… Continue Reading →

Why (I’m) blogging (science)…

Really, the title should read “Why I want to blog (science) – but really haven’t very much, yet…” The plan was to keep this blog purely for the “facts” and leave the personal out of it (I have another blog… Continue Reading →

The killer disease – you probably haven’t heard of…

As if there weren’t enough concerning tropical diseases and parasites in Africa, another is coming to attention…. “Bilharzia” – or schistosomiasis. 200 million people are estimated to be infected worldwide, 90% of whom are in Africa. (Estimates vary widely between… Continue Reading →

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