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Cystic Fibrosis: If I were a rich man…

So, if malaria’s a disease of poverty – then the disease of wealth is… cystic fibrosis. (Well, diabetes – before the 20th century. Or maybe asthma – apparently its an urban disease exacerbated by overly sterile environments. Or, the classic… Continue Reading →

Malaria and Poverty: a disease of poverty, or of the tropics?

“Where malaria prospers most, human societies have prospered the least.” A student in the Current Debates in Biological Anthropology class I took last term presented on malaria in Subsaharan Africa. There was a quote on one of her slides that… Continue Reading →

Nepal as case study: demography & development

Since the 60s, there has been a massive international humanitarian presence in Nepal – providing programs for everything from nutrition, medical and health care, to women’s vocational training and education. Most of the NGOs focus on children’s welfare. They show… Continue Reading →

Effects of Poverty & Conflict on the Children of Nepal

Effects of Poverty & Conflict on the Children of Nepal: Multigenerational & Endemic by Noelle Tankard on Scribd

The OTHER abortion debate: the case of the Missing Girls

Sex-Selective Abortion. Women aborting female foetuses and carrying males to full term – doing what it takes to make sure they have a son… All of my mental “political” settings – and a large number of social ones – are… Continue Reading →

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